How to make a casino bonus work for you

The majority of online casinos now offer bonuses to attract new and to retain existing customers. The self-explanatory “Welcome Bonuses” can take many forms, such as a match bonus. Loyal customers, on the other hand, are often reward through a cashback bonus. There are advantages to each of these depending on your point of view. In one instance the player feels that they have a larger pot of money to play with. Those who enjoy the whole gaming experience can play for longer than they may have been able to afford. On the other hand, the more risk averse or experienced player is assured that they have the security of a cash bonus, no matter how successful or otherwise their gaming is.

A casino bonus which matches your deposit

A casino bonus offers to match the deposit of the new customer by depositing either the same amount or a percentage of that deposit. A 50% bonus means that when a customer deposits £1000 into their gaming account the online casino deposits £500. A transaction which means the customer now has £1500 disposable income in their gaming account. Increasingly casinos are offering the popular 100% match premium which is widely considered to be the best casino bonus as it is fair to both parties. Both customer and online casino deposit the same amount into the customer’s account essentially doubling the available stake money. Each side of the agreement depositing £1000 ensures that the customer has £2000 at their disposal. Always check the maximum amount which can be matched as in some instances this may be capped at a certain level.

On occasion an online operator will offer a reward in excess of the customer’s original deposit. However, as this means the casino is taking more of the risk then it will usually impose stricter controls. If a casino offers a bonus far more than the customer’s deposit, you will generally find that the restrictions imposed, make it extremely unlikely that any winnings can be cashed except in the most extreme circumstances. It is always advised to read over the Terms and Conditions to gain a full understanding of exactly when any cashback will be made available.

How to make casino bonus cash

When casinos were solely land based the preferred method of rewarding existing customers and thus encouraging them to return were many and varied. Loyal customers could be entitled to VIP schemes, room upgrades or even a free dinner rather than any type of cash bonus. When gaming moved online and casinos were deprived of these normal reward schemes the cashback bonus was created as a replacement. Where it does not differ is that it is a reward for only the most loyal customers.

Typically, a cashback premium is a percentage of the player’s losses which is returned to them either in cash or as a credit in their account. While the actual amount of cashback can range from 5% to 20% depending on the casino it is usual that those who play more and for higher stakes attract the best rewards.

As in all transactions it is recommended that customers whether prospective or existing should carefully read the Terms and Conditions. While the headline may state that a certain reward is available on losses this may only be available for a specific timeframe. Those customers who build up losses outwith the stated timescale will find that they will not receive any cashback.

Attempting to attract casino bonus cash by playing a great deal can be a good idea for those who do not want to or are unable to make regular deposits. Customers who use their cashback to extend the length of time that their existing bankroll lasts will find this scheme ideal. It is important to check that the cashback offer is available on a regular basis and is not a one-off premium, or only repeated once or twice a year. Looking at cashback offers to recoup some of your losses and avoid having your deposit wiped out completely is probably the best way to approach the plan. Finding out if there is a minimum deposit which must be made before the cashback becomes available is also recommended.

It can be a good idea to check which games are part of the bonus scheme as in some instances games like blackjack are specifically excluded. Customers may be disappointed if they have played online blackjack at a high rate for several weeks only to find that there is no cashback at the end of it all. The scope of games included in the cashback plan will be included in the Terms and Conditions.

Many new players like to hedge their bets by taking advantage of the copious opportunities to obtain cashback bonuses. Opening an account with an online casino through one of the new breed of cashback sites can ensure a cash bonus appearing in the customer’s bank account. The drawback to this method of obtaining a cashback is that depending on the online casino it can take quite a few months before the cash is made available for withdrawal.

What is the best casino bonus?

As in most things the best casino bonus is entirely subjective. It depends on the customer’s own set of circumstances. As a new player, they may want the biggest bankroll they can achieve for the smallest deposit or they may just want to increase the length of time they can play. If they aren’t too interested in the winnings and are playing for enjoyment, then going for the largest match percentage they can get will allow them to achieve a lengthier experience than they would get on a straightforward deposit. Existing players, on the other hand, may find that the cashback premium will dissuade them from floating from one online casino to the next. The fact that their bankroll doesn’t disappear entirely but always has some cash there to work with could encourage them to remain and bet more.