Poker for Beginners

Step One of Bagging the Casino Cash Means Learning your Game – Poker for Beginners

Poker has become popular because it is easy to play, readily accessible through an online casino, and rewarding if you are skilled. It is also quite entertaining and accommodating. But before taking on any poker tournament, you need to know what it takes to bag the prizes. With the online poker tips below, your poker debut will be less daunting.

How to Play Poker Online

The Rules

If you are a total poker beginner, you might want to start with learning the poker rules. Find out the poker hand ranking and memorize it before you begin playing poker. Some common confusions that most beginners encounter include “three-of-a-kind hand beats two pairs”, or “a flush beats a straight”, or “high cards matter in a flush”. These are errors that you need to steer clear of before you indulge in poker online real money games.

Also get yourself acquainted with the common poker lingo before you even sign up at an online casino. You wouldn’t want to lose lots of cash for failing to understand the language and/or requirements.

Setting up your Account

Once you have chosen an online casino, setting up the account is self-guiding. Follow the instructions provided in the sign-up page and provide the necessary information to create your account. When selecting a method of transaction, go for reliable channels such as Neteller, Skrill, PayPal among other e-wallets. However, the one you choose should be allowed in your country. This is quite important especially if you want to venture into poker online real money games.

Games to play As a Beginner

One of the most straightforward poker games that you can start with is the no-limit Texas Holdem. You are dealt two cards as the game begins. The dealer then places five more cards on the felt. All you need to do is compare/combine your cards to the ones on the felt. Whoever gets a stronger combination wins.

Some aspects such as calling raising or folding come with real money betting. You call by matching the chips that your predecessor placed in the pot. You raise by contributing more than the required chips in the pot or fold by putting no chips in the pot. However, when you fold you’ll lose your ante plus any other chips you had put in the pot.

Other incredibly easy to learn poker games include Omaha, Seven-card stud, 2-7 triple draw, and Chinese poker. You might as well try out blackjack as it is exciting and offers the best odds of winning.


This is an important poker aspect to master as you play poker online. Successful betting means learning to lower your losses when you have a weak hand or to maximize your wins when you have a strong hand. Usually, betting begins after every player has produced their ante (initial contribution required of each player in most real money poker games). When betting, stake low or fold when your cards are weak. When you have strong cards call more often or raise occasionally.


One of the important online poker tips is the need to learn the technique of bluffing. In a poker game, when you bet or raise and no other players at the table calls, you win even without having to reveal your hand. This is why you need to learn bluffing. By raising, you give your opponents the impression that your cards are strong when in reality they aren’t. It can help you win or get you out of trouble when you have a weak hand. However, bluff wisely since seasoned players might see right through your tricks.

Psychology of Poker

Most beginners lose poker games because they don’t understand the psychology behind it. For instance, your body language alone can give you away big time. Common mistakes include checking your cards regularly and looking at your stack directly especially after the flop. The former gives the impression that you are weak while the latter might alert the opponent that you have a strong hand. Bantering, which is common in beginners holding a strong suit of cards, is highly discouraged.

Of the millions of poker players flocking online casinos today, a great number are after the lucrative prizes that poker has to offer. As you begin your poker career, you will need to brace for the tough competition. So you need to develop your poker skills from scratch and then work your way up the ranks. The online poker tips discussed above will help you achieve just that.