What are Casino Wagering Requirements and How Do I Play Through Them?

Most online casinos award lucrative bonuses to gaming enthusiasts who sign-up for a membership. Casino wagering requirements are nothing but a set of rules that players must follow to fully avail/cash-out the different bonus options promised by the gaming house. Mostly, they require players to wager multiple times the initial deposit (bonus) before they cash-out their earnings. These rules are outlined under the terms and conditions featured on the site, and it is important that you carefully read through the details and thoroughly understand what you are signing up for!

Bonus Options

There are basically two types of bonuses: no deposit bonus and match deposit bonus, which are offered to new members. While a bonus may also include a free trial at select games, it usually refers to free money that a casino offers new members to try their hand at the different games on the site.

  • • No deposit bonus – Members are not required to place an initial deposit to avail the cash reward.
  • • Match deposit bonus – Members receive a fixed percentage of their initial deposit as the cash reward. A 100 percent match deposit bonus indicates that the casino’s offer will match the member’s initial deposit. For example, £100 deposit will earn a £100 bonus, literally doubling the amount in the member’s gaming account.

The bonus once credited to the gaming account cannot be cashed out directly (in most cases) without completing the minimum playthrough or casino wagering requirement.

In specific cases, the bonus funds can be used only to place bets and cannot be cashed out. In fact, the bonus itself may or may not be permanently removed from the account once winnings have been withdrawn.

Deciphering Casino Wagering Requirements

Casino bonus requirements differ from one casino to another. It is, therefore, important to compare the wagering requirements rather than simply go by the high bonus percentage/amount before you sign-up.

  • • Wagering requirements are usually indicated as a number followed by X, say 10X.
  • • X may either be the initial deposit, bonus, or initial deposit plus bonus amount
  • • Members will have to bet 10 times the specified amount before they can withdraw funds from their gaming accounts.

Another point worth noting is that not all games qualify for wagering requirements. Even among those that qualify, just a percentage of the bets placed on them are offset against the wagering requirements. Both the qualifying games and their percentage contribution toward the requirement tend to vary across casinos.

While it is common for bets on slot games to fully qualify for wagering requirements, those on poker, blackjack and other games where the casino usually has a lower margin either do not qualify or contribute a lesser percentage.

Cashing Out Bonus/Winnings

Withdrawing the prize money or the bonus is usually simple and easy but there are conditions attached and accidentally violating them will result in a loss.

Double check if you have fully met the casino bonus requirements before requesting for a withdrawal. Any undue requests may result in not only losing the bonus but also other winnings accrued in the account.

Tackling Playthrough Requirements

  • • The lower the casino wagering requirements, the faster is the access to earnings.
  • • Take time to compare offerings, check the bonus, playthrough requirement, payout percentages, and the reputation of the casino before opting for a membership.
  • • Try your hand at the free games or trial versions to familiarise yourself with the games that qualify for casino wagering requirements, to stand a fair chance of winning.
  • • Place bets on games you are comfortable with and enjoy playing, and contribute more toward requirements. However, keep in mind that some casinos are bound to penalise members who stick to low-risk betting strategies to recover the bonus. Both the bonus and winnings could get wiped out from the account!
  • • If you are not clear about the wagering requirements to cash-out your bonus or earnings, make sure to contact the customer care cell of the casino and get your queries suitably addressed.
  • • Also, keep a watch on the validity of bonus offers as they could have a time limit.

Bonus options are primarily intended to boost the wagering capacity of the players, offering them a chance to indulge in games that may require higher bets. Wagering requirements, though in select cases are quite punishing, have been put it in place to ensure that serious gamers are well-rewarded, and casinos don’t get outsmarted by people who are looking to reap benefits by simply signing up for a membership.