Play extra for free with casino deposit bonuses

The idea of gambling for free sounds almost too good to be true. How can you gamble for free online? Well, as always there is a catch. A deposit match bonus requires that you put up real money to gamble with at an online casino. However, the casino will match your deposit with free extra money to be gambled! It’s a great way to make your gambling money go further. Read on to find out more about it and how you can claim yours.

Finding a deposit match bonus

Virtually every online casino will have its own casino match bonus. Most of them advertise that prominently because it is the main way they attract new customers, but you can always just pop “casino deposit bonus” into a search engine to get plenty of results. Casino deposit bonuses vary greatly between online casinos, so don’t just go with the first result you find. It really pays to shop around with casino deposit bonuses to find the absolute best bonus you can.

How to get casino bonus cash for free

A lot of casinos will automatically add your deposit bonus to your account when you open an account with them, but some require that you check a specific box on a form to indicate you want the bonus. Pay attention, because if you miss it on your initial deposit you don’t usually get a second chance. Casinos use this as a way to save on their promos by hoping to catch people out who aren’t reading carefully.

How do casino deposit bonuses work?

The exact promotional offer will vary with each casino. The most common type of deposit bonus is matching a percentage of your first deposit, from 100%-200% and usually with a cap. Caps can be fairly generous, sometimes allowing up to as much as £2,500 bonus cash. Of course, this requires a rather large initial deposit. Other casinos might only offer a flat fee bonus provided you meet a certain deposit threshold. How much you’re willing to deposit will determine what the best bonus is for you.

Are there any restrictions on bonus cash?

The biggest restriction is that you cannot simply withdraw your deposit bonus as cash! This would be akin to the online casinos giving away money for free otherwise. Instead, the bonus is applied to your account in the form of wagering funds that must be gambled before you can withdraw it. If you win any money from wagering your deposit bonus you are free to keep it, but it cannot be withdrawn until then.

Casinos will usually also place restrictions on which games can be played using deposit bonus funds, and sometimes also limit how much of your bonus can be used when playing. For example, some online casinos might only allow up to 50% of a wager to come from your deposit bonus, and the other half must be from cash you have deposited with the casino. The deal works by casinos essentially gambling that few enough users will make money from their deposit bonuses that it pays for the crowds the promo attracts.

Can I reuse casino deposit bonuses?

Typically casinos will only offer the best promotional bonus cash rate to the first deposit of new customers only. Often repeat customers will get a different deal for their second and possibly third deposit, but at worse rates than the initial deposit. There is nothing stopping you as a consumer from taking advantage of new customer bonuses at a different casino every time! Unless you have a particular preference for a specific casino then there’s no reason to stick with a casino once it offers you less generous rates compared to the competition.


Casino deposit bonuses are great news for gamblers as they help your money pay for much more gambling. When you play for fun, it means that you can play for longer and wager money at no loss to yourself. Plus, should you win with that free money then it’s yours to keep! It is possible to end up with a net gain if you get particularly lucky gambling with your deposit bonus, but even if you end up losing it all then you only actually lost however much you initially deposited. Take advantage of these promotional offers across multiple casinos and you could find your gambling money going much, much farther than it ever would in a real casino!