Wager free vs regular free spins – and other variants

Not all free spin bonuses are the same. There are numerous variants of this type of bonus, and it is definitely worthwhile understanding all of the different types as each has its own advantages and disadvantages. This article explains the key types of free spin bonuses: regular free spin bonuses, and wager free or no deposit bonuses.

How a classic free spin bonus works

In its traditional format, a free spin bonus will gives you a certain number of free rounds at a certain casino game. What ‘free spins’ means will depend on the game. It might mean that you get to spin the roulette wheel a given number of times. Or, it might mean that you get to crank the handle of a video slot machine game a few extra times without losing any of your credit. Very often when you wish to take advantage of a classic free spin bonus, you will need to have put down a deposit at the online casino offering the bonus. The minimum amount of this deposit even be stipulated in the terms and conditions of the bonus (for instance ‘deposit a minimum of £30 and get 50 free spins’). A casino free spins bonus can take several variant forms, however, and we will now look at one of the most common ones: a no wager free spins bonus.

The no wager free spins bonus

This type of bonus is also known as a ‘free spin bonus with no wagering requirements’ or a no deposit free spin bonus. When you use this type of bonus, you will get your free spins without having to place a deposit with the casino beforehand. Gamblers often argue that this type of free spin bonus is the variant that is most true to its word: there are no wagering requirements and so you do not part with a penny. The spins truly are free. And, as free spins win real cash if you are lucky, you can quite literally get something for nothing. No wager free spins bonuses are fast becoming the most popular type of bonus among online gamblers. Seeing the attraction that this type of bonus holds, online casinos are, increasingly, offering this type of bonus to their players.

Are there any terms and conditions to free spins bonuses with no wagering requirements?

Attracted by the possibility of a no deposit free spins bonus? Make sure to check the small print before you play. Though they may have no deposit requirements, these bonuses may have withdrawal limits attached to them: i.e. you may only be able to withdraw any cash winnings if they exceed a certain amount. Often, you cannot reach this minimum amount using your winnings from the free spins bonus alone. So, you will need to place a deposit at the casino and continue playing. This is one way that an online casino will get you to sign up and start depositing with them. Alternatively, the casino will almost always require you to create an account with them in order to use a no deposit free spins bonus: when this is the case, make sure to check whether or not a monthly fee is attached to the account at any point.

Get ready to spin for free!

It seems that free spins bonuses are all over the internet in the present day. Our advice is to take advantage of these bonuses when you can, but always to check the small print to ensure that they do not actually end up costing you more than you are happy with or signing you up to casinos that you did not want to make a big commitment to.